Round 3: April 2013

The Eckleys: Alan (79), Claudia (16), David (10), and introducing Garrett Eckley (15)


Alan was still very pleased with the work of the maid service–especially on the days that they sent Denise Hoffmann.  He wasn’t sure why they sent women in such a scanty maid outfit, but he wasn’t about to complain. Continue reading


Build Post: The Dive Bar!

The Dive Bar was closed down for 9 months due to fire damage, and had to be completely rebuilt. March 2013 marks the grand re-opening! So here’s the lot tour:


Here’s the exterior–it has some things in common with the old dive bar, but it is larger and the layout is a little different. Continue reading

Round 3: March 2013

The Austins: Thomas Austin (26); William Austin (26)


“So I’m thinking of asking Ana to move in with me.”

Will nearly choked on his toast when Tom made this announcement.  If Tom was serious, Will knew that he’d have to move out.  Not only was there not enough room for everyone in this house, but given the awkwardness between he and Ana since that one time….he couldn’t be here in the house with them both.

“It’s not a romantic thing–I just want to be close to Tanner.  I want my son to live with me.  But I don’t think Ana would let me have custody, and I’m not even sure that it would be a good idea, as young as he is.  I think I can remodel the house–you don’t have to move out.”

“I’ll definitely move out if she moves in.  A woman and a baby would really cramp my style.” He tried to sound lighthearted about it, so Tom wouldn’t feel bad about basically forcing him out.  He would feel the same way if he had a baby. Continue reading

Updates should arrive soon!

Hi my wonderful, patient readers!  I keep making announcements about various issues I have had with with my game over on my story blog, and I realized I should probably be making some of those announcements here! In any case, it’s kinda a good thing I didn’t, because I thought that one of my problems was going to cost me several months of gameplay progress, and it turns out it won’t!  So yay!  The delays in posting have come because I was insanely busy toward the end of the year, and then once I finally managed to carve out time to play, my game wouldn’t load! I only really fixed it yesterday, after thinking I’d fixed it several times before.

Now my biggest problem is that to make the seasons line up with the months (for a neighborhood located in North America), I’ll have to extend the length of the summer season, then once fall begins, I can set it back to 12 days per season.  That’s the easiest way I can see to do it, without finding a new mod that will let me change it (and after all my troubles, I am a bit resistant to using more mods).  SO, Plymouth Falls is going to experience more summer weather than usual (though any weather at all is unusual in itself!).

The impending release of a university expansion pack has also changed my plans for Plymouth Falls.  I have had to rethink the way I’d planned to handle some things, but ultimately I’m excited by the prospect of a university expansion, especially for the neighborhood young adults!

The main point of this is to assure you that I’m still alive, and to promise that I’ll start updating again, soon!

Round 3: February 2013

The Parra Household: Juliano Parra (81), Lawanda Parra (35), Carmen Parra (5 months)

Lawanda was getting the hang of being a mother.  She would never say that it wasn’t hard at times, but so many of the difficulties seemed like nothing when Carmen cooed or smiled.  Continue reading

Round 3: January 2013

The Sawadas: Mizuto (44), Katie (34)

Mornings were a little harder for Katie now that she was in the sixth month of pregnancy.  She woke up with a backache almost every day.  She also slept a little later, which meant that she often missed Zuto’s departure for work–and he refused to wake her up because he was convinced that she needed her rest. Continue reading

Round 3 ROS

I still think 3 Sim ROS per round and 1 Neighborhood ROS are enough for my current population.  Here are the ROS for Round 3:

Sim ROS:

Bad haircut. Go to the salon and choose a bad haircut (cut very short if long hair or choose ugly haircut if short hair).  Keep for d4 days then change back to normal.

Relative moves in.

Child/Teen: If grades are above a B-, Sim gets a bonus for a job well done: Add to funds d100X10.

Neighborhood ROS:

Flood damage! Shut down venue for repairs for 2 months.