Random Occurrence Scenarios

Random Occurrence Scenarios make the gameplay more interesting because they are good, bad, or neutral events that you roll for a specific Sim.  They keep me from making everything too dire or too rosy.  I have a list that I made by combining the ROS lists from several neighborhood blogs, and I keep it in the spreadsheet that I use to track everything for Plymouth Falls.

I didn’t roll ROSs for the inhabitants and the neighborhood until after the first round.  The list is way too long to place in a post or on a page, so I’m just going to put up the file here:

ROS File Plymouth Falls

The ROSs were taken mostly from Carla’s  TS2 Sullivan list, as well as the wonderful list that Rad uses for TS3 Kingsfield (links are on the side–check them out!).

Here are the ROS for each round:

Round 2 ROS

Round 3 ROS

Round 4 ROS

Round 5 ROS


2 comments on “Random Occurrence Scenarios

  1. Carla says:

    Oh, having ROSs for the town is a great idea! I should have a look in that ROS thread at Sims Daily, because I think they were talking about that in there.

    • raquelaroden says:

      Carla: I thought it was a new idea until I looked at Rad’s list of ROSs for Kingsfield, lol! I’ll have to steal some of hers for my list!

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