Building Up the Town

After there are more inhabitants in the town, I’ll make plans to put together a Neighborhood Council.  I’ll be looking over the taxation systems from other towns so that I can decide the best way to assess the citizens for taxes to fund public projects, such as parks, renovations of municipal buildings, and new community lots and features.  Private citizens who are able and wish to do so will be able to purchase community property and make improvements on it, and maybe even apply for grants to fund some of their projects.

Starting out, things will be very tight and the build-up will be minimal.  I am not using any money cheats for any of my households–they get whatever they would normally get to start up their household, which means that we don’t have some moneyed philanthropist donating large sums or contributing tons of taxes, and we probably won’t have that for a while.  I’ll post town-related information here as things progress and as the town gets more of an individual identity (right now I’m just using a lot of the same buildings and lots that came with Appaloosa Springs).


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