Round 3: Summer Session at University (May, June, and July)

University Household: Rafael Ribeiro (20)
r3_MJJ_ribeiro_1Rafael had jumped through a lot of hoops to gain readmission to Sim State University after his poor performance in his freshman year.  He’d written letters, procured letters of recommendation from his employers, and even worked full-time to come up with the tuition money. The university finally allowed him to re-enroll on a probationary status, and his advisor suggested that he make up some of his failed coursework during the summer session.  Continue reading


Round 3: July 2013

The Sawadas: Mizuto (45), Katie (35), Jora (3 months old), Jada (3 months old), Jenna (3 months old)

r3_july_sawada1The Sawada household had been pretty busy for the last three months, since the birth of the triplets.  Katie and Mizuto had spent most of their free time seeing to the needs of their new babies.  They were just now starting to get the hang of the whole parenting thing and falling into a workable routine.

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June Birthday!




The Parras are delighted with how cute little Carmen has turned out.  The little one just joined the ranks of the toddler age-stage.

june_2013_parra_carmen_2She seems to have inherited her father’s eyes and hair color, and her mother is excited about the new ways that she can play with her little girl.


Gameplay Report:

I age infants to toddlers at 10 months old (40 days).  Isn’t she cute?

Round 3: May 2013

The Ribeiros: Leonor Ribeiro (37), Rafael Ribeiro (20), Carlos Ribeiro (18)


Rafael was back home.  After scraping through the fall semester, he’d withdrawn from college midway through the spring semester when his grades weren’t getting any better, and he knew he’d be kicked out.  He felt like a huge failure, having to come back and live with his mother.  It was even worse because he had to pay back the funds for the scholarship he’d received since he’d stopped mid-semester.  He’d been lucky to find a job as soon as he came back home. Continue reading

Round 3: April 2013

The Eckleys: Alan (79), Claudia (16), David (10), and introducing Garrett Eckley (15)


Alan was still very pleased with the work of the maid service–especially on the days that they sent Denise Hoffmann.  He wasn’t sure why they sent women in such a scanty maid outfit, but he wasn’t about to complain. Continue reading