About Plymouth Falls

Plymouth Falls is a fictional town that I am using for a kind of Sims 3 Prosperity/Neighborhood Challenge.  The point of such a challenge is to build up a town from a few families and to try to build a bustling, prosperous Sims community. I basically took the town of Appaloosa Springs and evicted all of the residents and deleted a lot of the larger, more expensive houses and some of the community lots (the pet parks, etc.).  I’m hoping to build the town up from these bits, and I’ll add community lots as the town grows.  I’m basically winging this, so I’ll be refining the way I play the town as I go.  I established the families by rolling a six-sided die to choose most of their features and letting the randomizer built into the trait system pick the traits.  I’ll probably do something a little different to pick the traits of any children born to the second generation.

I’m using several prosperity/neighborhood blogs as guides, and you can find them in my links.  I’ll be adding more as I branch out and find them, and I’m especially curious about TS3 neighborhoods because the open neighborhood creates special challenges for this type of gameplay.


2 comments on “About Plymouth Falls

  1. starrsim says:

    So interesting, can’t wait to read more about it!

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