Round 3: Summer Session at University (May, June, and July)

University Household: Rafael Ribeiro (20)
r3_MJJ_ribeiro_1Rafael had jumped through a lot of hoops to gain readmission to Sim State University after his poor performance in his freshman year.  He’d written letters, procured letters of recommendation from his employers, and even worked full-time to come up with the tuition money. The university finally allowed him to re-enroll on a probationary status, and his advisor suggested that he make up some of his failed coursework during the summer session. 


Rafael gratefully took his advisor’s advice and left for university in May.  He would be attending university for a three-month summer session, and if he performed well he would be allowed to sign up for classes in the Fall.


Rafael ended up assigned to one of the larger dorms on campus, and he was surprised by  the number of students who were still on campus for summer school. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_4

Right way, he met some of his fellow dorm-dwellers, Tiffany Angles, Tiberius Willard, and Tammy Parker.  Tiffany was quiet and mostly kept to herself.  Something about Tiberius gave Rafael the heebie jeebies–he could have sworn the guy was fixated on his neck for some reason.  Tammy was very opinionated, but he liked talking with her. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_5

Rafael decided to spend the night before classes began re-acquainting himself with the campus.  He went over to the student union building and shot pool by himself. On his way back to the dorm, some random guy handed him a flyer for a party that he was throwing at his house.


Rafael decided to go–after all, he had no homework or anything yet, so he might as well go when he had the time.  He ran into Tammy there, and they tried to talk over the music–but it was so loud it was difficult to hear anything she said. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_7

Rafael had asked Tammy her sign, then immediately wondered what he was doing–Claudia was still his girlfriend, and he had no business even thinking about other girls.  He and Claudia had taken a very serious step before he left for college, and he felt awful for letting his eye stray even one bit.  He decided to douse his libido in the keg.  r3_MJJ_ribeiro_8

Rafael was excited to finally start attending classes again, though some were scheduled so closely together that he had to run to make it in time. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_9

Despite his best intentions, he couldn’t keep his eye from wandering for long–especially when he found himself eating breakfast almost every morning with Millie Grubb.  He kept the conversations innocent, but she was so open and sweet that they quickly became friends. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_11

His coursework was progressing fairly well, though he couldn’t stand some of the other students in his class.  Sometimes they asked really stupid questions–and he did believe there was such a thing as a stupid question, unlike some of his professors.  r3_MJJ_ribeiro_12

Rafael spent a lot of time in the computer lab typing up papers and studying.  He especially liked studying in the science lab, because he could go straight from using the lab equipment to the computer.  r3_MJJ_ribeiro_13

When he wasn’t studying, he could often be found at the comic book store.  He loved that there was a comic book store so close to campus. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_14

Sometimes during class, his mind would wander.  He’d learned some things about the brain, and it made him wonder whether love was just an illusion caused by the chemical processes in the brain–or if he was just trying to find an excuse for his seeming inability to remain faithful to Claudia.  r3_MJJ_ribeiro_15

Or maybe he was just trying to explain why he let Millie talk him into posing for her sketches.  Anytime he felt anything other than simple friendship for her, he would remind himself that it was just some silly chemical process, and he’d write Claudia a love letter. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_16

He and Millie were both invited to another house party to celebrate the end of the summer session, and Rafael was dared to kiss someone at the party by a bunch of jocks.  He didn’t want to lose face, and he knew only one person who he was almost certain wouldn’t slap him silly for kissing her….r3_MJJ_ribeiro_17

So he went for it, and quickly kissed Millie without any explanation. r3_MJJ_ribeiro_18

Millie was shocked, and Rafael stammered out, “I just thought I’d uh…kiss you goodbye.  I’m leaving later tonight for home and won’t be back until Fall semester starts up in late August.”

Millie blinked a few times, then smiled.  “Then I’ll make sure you don’t forget me in those few weeks.” To Rafael’s amazement, she yanked him back into her arms and gave him a very thorough kiss.   r3_MJJ_ribeiro_19

Rafael left campus feeling guilty and exhilarated all at the same time.  Part of him felt terrible for kissing another girl, even on a dare–not only was it unfair to Claudia, but it was unfair to Millie, too.  But another part of him knew that he wouldn’t have acted on the dare if he hadn’t already been attracted to Millie.  He wasn’t sure what he was going to do, but he knew he couldn’t keep leading Millie on and he couldn’t be unfaithful to Claudia any longer.  He had some serious thinking to do.




Gameplay Report:

  • Rafael is having quite a lot of fun at university! I started hearing some warning bells about his relationship with Claudia after seeing this:r3_MJJ_ribeiro_10They were just eating together, and suddenly there were hearts everywhere! What the–? What is really strange is that if I have Rafael consider Millie’s attractiveness, he doesn’t seem to think she is attractive–but game-wise, he does seem to think she is attractive. Hrm.
  • When Rafael got the dare and followed through on it by kissing Millie, I got this:uhoh_3Uh oh…..
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6 comments on “Round 3: Summer Session at University (May, June, and July)

  1. Carla says:

    Ha, there is totally such a thing as a stupid question – I’m with Rafael there!

    But uh oh, I see some trouble on the horizon with Millie and Rafael! To be honest, I don’t pay much attention to the attractiveness rating. It seems so rare to get even a middling score. I have no idea what you actually need to do to get a high one. I’ve had 10s but it just seems so random. As in TS2, wants and autonomous actions are definitely more useful in determining how sims feel about each other!

    Can’t wait to see what happens with Claudia when she and Rafael see each other. He’s got to have a huge case of the guilts right now!

    • raquelaroden says:

      I think someone like Rafael would feel guilty about this. At the same time, he and Claudia are in such different areas of life right now, and they’re so young….

      I’m glad that you don’t pay much attention to attractiveness ratings–I thought I was doing something wrong because I have Sims rolling wants for each other all the time and they don’t consider each other attractive!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. Mao says:

    Oh, Rafael… dipping into the keg will have the opposite effect of dampening your libido! I’m not at all shocked that he’s checking out the “student body” (hurr hurr)… but I’m pretty surprised at Millie Grubb’s new look! She looks SO much better with that makeover. I’m really impressed.

    So weird that he doesn’t find her attractive according to numbers but he still wants a piece of that. Maybe he likes her brain. 😉

    I have yet to have sims who DON’T find one another attractive. Everyone seems to want to jump everyone else. x_x

    • raquelaroden says:

      Mao: Poor Rafael has been pretty sheltered with regard to the effects of a keg. 😉 I couldn’t stand the way she looked before and I had to do something, lol.

      It is funny that he’s all “I don’t find Millie attractive at all” and then he flirts and stuff. Weirdo. 🙂 It is weird that a lot of my Sims don’t find each other attractive, but they still want to flirt with and kiss them. I don’t get it! Your Sims are pretty attractive, so I am not surprised that your attraction scores are never lacking. 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Olivia says:

    When are you posting a new chapter?

    • raquelaroden says:

      I hope to post soon, but I can’t really make any promises. It is a pretty busy time for me, with work and classes and lots of holiday events. My in-laws were visiting over Thanksgiving, and I can’t really play when they are here. Hopefully soon!

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