Round 3: July 2013

The Sawadas: Mizuto (45), Katie (35), Jora (3 months old), Jada (3 months old), Jenna (3 months old)

r3_july_sawada1The Sawada household had been pretty busy for the last three months, since the birth of the triplets.  Katie and Mizuto had spent most of their free time seeing to the needs of their new babies.  They were just now starting to get the hang of the whole parenting thing and falling into a workable routine.

r3_july_sawada2Of course, Zuto couldn’t go too long without having a party.  Just when Katie began to feel like they were getting a decent amount of rest and sticking to a schedule, he decided a house party to celebrate Independence Day was in order.  When Katie questioned the wisdom of having a house party with three infants to tend, Zuto said, “You’re right–how about we only have one party this month to cover both Independence Day and my birthday?”  Katie sighed through the preparations that Zuto cheerfully made and wondered how rude it would be to turn in and go to bed before the party began….

r3_july_sawada4Once everyone arrived, however, she actually had a good time.  She enjoyed doing something other than eating, sleeping, and taking care of the babies.

r3_july_sawada3Zuto, as usual, was never more in his element than at a party.  He glided effortlessly from changing diapers and feeding the triplets their bottles and making sure his guests never had empty glasses.

r3_july_sawada5He was so grateful that Katie had allowed him to have the party that he encouraged her to accept Ana Ribeiro’s invitation to a little get-together the next weekend.  “It’s only next door, Katie.  If I need you, you aren’t far!” he reminded her.  Katie went because she did like the idea of making friends with Ana.  Ever since she’d moved in with their neighbor, Tom Austin, Katie had been curious about her.  They both had young babies, so they had that in common.  The get-together was an all-girl event, and very laid-back.  They mostly chatted around the TV and had drinks, though Katie noticed that Ana didn’t drink any alcohol.

r3_july_sawada6On her way back home from Ana’s party, Katie remembered that she hadn’t checked the mail and she was surprised to find a letter from her longtime friend, Sam McRae.  She wondered if he’d been drunk when he wrote it–he told her he had feelings for her and wanted to know if she would take a chance on him!  Katie decided to ignore the letter, and hope that he took her silence as a hint of the answer.  She was so happy with Zuto that she’d never seriously consider starting a romantic relationship with anyone else.

r3_july_sawada7In fact, things were going so well that Zuto and Katie decided that three babies weren’t enough–they both wanted to have another baby as soon as possible.  They immediately began trying even though it had been only a few months since Katie gave birth to the triplets.  They figured there was really nothing to hold them back–their finances were great, and they’d been able to take having the triplets in stride.  If they absolutely needed help, they could easily afford a nanny or daycare.  Besides–they didn’t mind the fun that came with trying to conceive!




Gameplay Report:

  • I wasn’t all that surprised when I saw this:r3_july_sawada_wtf
  • After all, Katie is a family sim.  I locked it, thinking, “Foolish girl–you just had three kids!”  I was NOT prepared for this:r3_july_sawada_wtf2What the–?! Zuto too?  I couldn’t believe it.  I almost never have both Sims in a relationship decide to have babies.  Most of the time, it’s just one and I’m all “We gotta populate Plymouth Falls, folks!”  So when they both rolled the want, I had to let them try, even though it was so soon after the other babies.  I thought, “Eh, it won’t hurt–they may not conceive.”  But guess what? They did.  They don’t know it yet, but I do.  So unless something weird or bad happens, Katie should be giving birth to another little Sawada around March 2014.  Good grief.
  • These letters that came with one of the expansions (remember, I rarely actually play the game, so I often don’t get to fully experience expansion packs until I play my ‘hood file, and sometimes I actually install more than one expansion at a time so I can never keep up with which feature comes with which expansion) are hilarious to me.  I love the crazy love letters and the weird ones–it makes for a fun diversion.
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8 comments on “Round 3: July 2013

  1. Carla says:

    There’s only one explanation for this – Zuto and Katie are both legit crazy! Have you checked to see if they have some kind of hidden Insane trait?! 😉 Man, these two are going to be so busy. I bet Zuto will still want to throw parties though, lol! Have you ever had a guest at any of the parties try to help out with the triplets? I’m just trying to figure out if there’s method to Zuto’s madness!

    I love those love letters too. They’re pretty easy to ignore and they don’t interfere with gameplay at all and sometimes you get a little giggle out of them.

    • raquelaroden says:

      Carla, I’m inclined to agree with you–they must be insane, and I never noticed. Zuto will ALWAYS want to throw parties. He’s already rolled up wants for another party, and between that and all the people who have parties and invite them over now, their lives are just one big party with a tiny bit of work and diaper changes and bottle feedings. None of the guests tried to help out with the babies, surprisingly enough. I kept an eye on them because I worried one might accidentally walk off with a baby. Mizuto strikes me as the type of person who would just say “Eh, if it sucks we’ll just hire a nanny” –in other words, I think he’s the type who would just throw money at the problem, honestly.

      Those letters really crack me up. I played the Austin-Ribeiro house and some guy called Ana to ask her for a date! I was surprised, because she’s living with one of her romantic interests. Then again, I’m wondering if she’s getting a reputation…

      Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

      • Carla says:

        You know what? I bet Ana does have a reputation! I remember they added that feature with one of the expansions (Late Night? Showtime?). It’s one of the options in their bio tab, I believe. I only noticed it because a couple of my sims got an Eternally Faithful moodlet after they’d been together for X days without ever cheating. There are probably opposite moodlets you can get as well.

      • raquelaroden says:

        I’ve never played the game long enough to notice something like that before….that’s one thing I really love about playing my neighborhood file. 🙂 Wow, an Eternally Faithful moodlet–that’s so funny!

  2. Mao says:

    Oh my goodness! These guys are crazy. MORE babies? Actually, you know, it seems the more kids sims have, the MORE they want. It’s almost as if they think, “well, it can’t get more chaotic than it already is, why not!” Crazy. Some of my sims would populate an entire town if I let them have all the babies they wanted, haha!

    I LOVE that Zuto was all, “oh, we can just have ONE combo party.” It didn’t even occur to him that hosting a party with infants would be difficult. Too funny.

    I HATE those letters/phone calls to attached sims for dates/etc. It’s super annoying.

    • raquelaroden says:

      Mao, you might be right–I can’t remember whether either Juliano or Lawanda rolled a wish for another baby, but it wouldn’t surprise me. And Ana keeps getting herself knocked up, so….

      I really don’t think it would occur to Zuto that it might be difficult to host a party with three infants needing care and attention. He is such a party fiend!

      Aww, I think the letters and phone calls are funny–but they were a little confusing at first. 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Starrsim says:

    Hopefully they don’t have another set of triplets. 🙂

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