Round 3: June 2013

Austin: William Austin (27)

june_2013_austin_1When Ana moved in with Tom a few months ago, Will knew it was best to move out.  Months later he was still finding it difficult to adjust to being alone so much.  He did get a lot of reading done…

june_2013_austin_2Another facet of living alone that he’d underestimated was the expense.  Even though he worked really hard to become a  better inventor, he could only do so much without running out of scrap.  Collecting it from the junk heaps took a lot of time, and detonating the piles to get more scrap took money he really didn’t have.  If things didn’t turn around soon, Will knew he would have to get another job to make ends meet.

june_2013_austin_3Sometimes he visited Tom and Ana to take his mind off his troubles and to play at being the fun uncle to little Tanner.  Ana was good at playing off any awkwardness between them, and Will tried to tamp down the guilt he felt over a course of events back in April that had gotten way out of hand.


He wished he’d never run into Ana in the parking lot behind the steakhouse back in April.  If he hadn’t, maybe none of it would have happened.  They’d struck up a conversation, and before he knew it, he’d asked her out on a date.  He knew that she and Tom weren’t exclusive, but he still felt like he was stepping over a line then, and he should have gone with his instincts.  Ana must have felt that way, too, because she’d made a point of telling him that she hadn’t told Tom about the date.


Maybe they’d had too much wine with dinner, or maybe they were affected by the full moon that night, but somehow they ended up back at his place, and things had gone as far as they pretty much could go….


As if the mere act of sleeping with the mother of his nephew wasn’t bad enough, two weeks ago Ana had dropped a bomb on Will: she was pregnant!  Will would worry about it over a pint of ice cream, wondering what would happen if Tom found out.  When he found out.  How could a secret this big stay hidden? Ana had given him an out.  She’d told him that they could just tell Tom it was his–she had slept with him a week or two before the time of conception, and she could just play it off as the baby coming early.  Genetically speaking, there would be no difference even if there were a paternity test administered, since he and Tom were twins.  Somehow, that thought just made Will feel even worse.

june_2013_austin8As if his worries about impending fatherhood and the threat to his relationship with his twin weren’t bad enough, Will awoke to the sounds of someone breaking into his house.  He called the police and tried not to panic as he waited for them to arrive.


He was lucky to have woke up quickly enough to call–the thief was caught after a noisy altercation with the first officer on the scene.  The thief didn’t even make it out of the house with his property, so it was promptly returned.  That fact did little to comfort him, however, since his false sense of security in his home had been shattered by the break-in.  He really hated living alone.




Gameplay Report:

  • I’ve been sitting on news of Ana’s pregnancy for a while.  I was playing the Eckley house, minding my own business, when I suddenly get this:
  • whatthe_*sigh*  Ana’s flair for the dramatic never disappoints.  Why screw around with one brother, when you can mess around with two? I think she’ll be due in January 2014, if my pregnancy mod is still working as it should…
  • William is a lot like Tom, in that he doesn’t think much about Ana for long stretches of time, then boom–he’ll roll up a want to take her on a date.  It’s weird.
  • William is soooo boring to play (he apparently does all the exciting stuff when I’m not playing him).  I hate playing single-sim households.  I wish he’d roll up a want for a pet, at the very least.
  • I had William poking around some scrap heaps at the junkyard when I noticed this:
  • june_2013_lolApparently, Garrett Eckley just can’t concentrate in the stately Eckley home, so he goes to the junkyard to do homework!

4 comments on “Round 3: June 2013

  1. Carla says:

    You know, I knew that about identical twins and paternity tests but never thought about the implications before! If the mother wasn’t pretty sure about timing, it would be impossible to tell who the dad was.

    William obviously knew you found single-sim households boring and decided to make things a bit more interesting for you, lol! Yeesh, what a sticky situation this is!

    I’m with you on single sim households. That’s the main reason I’m planning on having Chris Draper advertise for a roomie and why I move widowed parents in with their kids – single sims are really not much fun to play!

    • raquelaroden says:

      Isn’t that a crazy result? Twins are weird. 🙂 I feel kinda bad for Ana, because neither Will nor Tom seem willing to go the distance and really commit to her. To be fair, she isn’t exactly in a hurry to commit to anyone specific either (she has a generic “Get Married” wish–but it isn’t tied to anyone). You are lucky that Chris is at least dating someone steadily and presumably spinning up wishes for her. Will only spins up wishes for Ana when I’m about to finish his play session, after spinning nothing but inventing-related wishes. But you know…you may be onto something about a roommate. He is really hurting for cash because he doesn’t have a steady job, so a roommate might be just the ticket!

  2. Mao says:

    That is nuts! What a messy situation. When Tom DOES find out (and he will, they always do!) it’s going to be chaos. Explosive, fantastic chaos. Sims love their drama. 😉

    So glad to see you updating again!

    I kind of like single sim households for the simple fact of all the stuff you can do. There’s no micromanaging multiple sims, they can go out and about without a care!

    • raquelaroden says:

      Mao: Sims definitely love their drama, and I think Ana is a dramatic Sim, so she loves it even more… 🙂

      Catching up on all these Sim ‘hood blogs made me want to play my own so much that I couldn’t help myself! I’m glad to be updating again because it is so much fun to just play the game (rather than mostly posing Sims for pics, which is what I do for my story blog). I’ve played a few houses and I have stuff to keep me updating for a little bit. 🙂

      It is much simpler to play single Sim households–I don’t hit the pause button nearly as much as I do with multiple Sim households. I guess it is just certain Sims that are boring–Will is all work, work, work, and I guess Twallan’s progression pushes him to do stuff when I’m not playing him. In a way, it’s kinda fun to know that something is going on while I’m not playing him, and that I’ll have to catch up like the rest of my readers when I get to his house and try to make sense of the crazy stuff he’s been doing. I do think I’m going to try to get him a roommate, however, simply because the boy is super poor.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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