Round 3: May 2013

The Ribeiros: Leonor Ribeiro (37), Rafael Ribeiro (20), Carlos Ribeiro (18)


Rafael was back home.  After scraping through the fall semester, he’d withdrawn from college midway through the spring semester when his grades weren’t getting any better, and he knew he’d be kicked out.  He felt like a huge failure, having to come back and live with his mother.  It was even worse because he had to pay back the funds for the scholarship he’d received since he’d stopped mid-semester.  He’d been lucky to find a job as soon as he came back home.


He knew he was lucky to have a home to come back to–but it still didn’t make him any happier with the situation.  He thought that by the time he was twenty years old, he’d be well on his way through school.  Instead, his life was turning out to be a series of late starts–late into college because he’d been held back in school, and now late to post-graduate life because he’d been forced to withdraw due to bad grades.  This wasn’t how he’d seen his life going.


Instead of enjoying the freedoms of a college student, he was already chained to a job.  He worked at a local polling office.  It wasn’t a glamorous job, or anything he’d thought he’d end up doing–but it was something to help pay back the scholarship and to pull his own weight at home until he could go back to college. r3_may_ribeiro4

Leonor was worried about both her sons.  She knew that Rafael was bright–his IQ tests indicated that he was actually a genius–but that didn’t translate into being a responsible student.  He seemed adrift, and she had no idea how to steer him on to a better course.  Even worse, Carlos’s grades were so bad that he was ineligible for high school graduation.  He’d been held back as well.  Her sons couldn’t do anything on time, it seemed.  She vented all her worries and concerns to Ana through emails (on the laptop that Rafael had purchased to take some correspondence courses while he waited to re-enroll in college), so the boys wouldn’t hear her talking about them.  r3_may_ribeiro5

Leonor was appalled by the fact that she was almost relieved that both her sons would be at home with her a little longer–she knew it was a selfish thought and that she needed to do something to help them succeed.  She thought that Rafael’s issue was partially that he didn’t seem to have any goals.  She wasn’t sure what Carlos’s issue was–but she knew that she could do one thing while he was still considered a high school student to give him another chance at a better future. r3_may_ribeiro6

She made the toughest phone call of her life and arranged for Carlos to be sent to Fort Starch Military Academy.  She was at her wit’s end with him–this was a last-ditch effort to help him succeed.  They picked him up the next day, and Carlos wouldn’t even look at her or talk to her, he was so angry. r3_may_ribeiro7

Part of her decision to send him to military school had been motivated by her deepening relationship with Keenan Paulsen.  He was a military man, and she thought the lifestyle had served him well.  Carlos could use more discipline, and she wasn’t equal to the task. r3_may_ribeiro8

In deference to the fact that they were becoming more serious, she’d finally introduced him to her sons.  He and Carlos didn’t get along all that well (but who did get along with Carlos?), but Keenan and Rafael seemed to hit it off.


Between the worry caused by her sons and Keenan bringing over a flu bug, Leonor found herself at home sick for a day.  She spent most of it reading the paper and watching the cooking channel. It took her two days of rest to get over it enough so that she could go back to work.


Rafael avoided the house while she was sick and took advantage of the spring festival to do some roller skating.


He was extremely happy when Leonor went back to work, however, because he was able to have some alone time with Claudia.  Living closer to her was the only benefit he could see from his college failure.  r3_may_ribeiro12

To his surprise, with him being back home, Claudia pushed to take their relationship to the next level.  He tried to resist for a while, because she was only seventeen and still in high school, and he was already twenty.  She caught him at a time when he was particularly vulnerable, though–he wanted something good to happen to him, after feeling like a failure.  r3_may_ribeiro13

When he finally gave in, his happiness was only a little marred by worry that he’d made a mistake–that they’d taken a step they shouldn’t have taken.  He could only hope that Claudia wouldn’t regret letting him be her first.

Gameplay report:

  • At the time I played this house, University wasn’t yet out, but I knew it was coming soon.  I decided not to work with my own college/university stuff and to use the game’s version, once I get it (I try to wait for Twallan to work most of the bugs out before I load expansion packs).  Thus, Rafael’s failure from college, so I can place him in university once I get it.
  • Carlos’s grades were so bad and I didn’t have a way to cheat them up at the time–so I opted to hold him back.  I don’t think he’ll be going to college…
  • Leonor would like to move in with Keenan–I keep trying to get him to move in with her, but the option to ask him never seems to come up.
  • Rafael’s deflowering by Claudia (and vice versa) mostly came about because of my own boredom….oops.
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4 comments on “Round 3: May 2013

  1. Carla says:

    Carlos will probably be even less keen on Keenan now that he’s been sent away to military school! He probably thinks it was Keenan’s idea! But it’ll be interesting to see if his time there gives him some more focus or direction.

    I wondered if there was a game play reason for Rafael withdrawing from college! I don’t think you’ll have much of an issue with the game ever kicking any students out, so you might as well explore this storyline option now. EA have said it’s apparently impossible to be kicked out, no matter how bad your grades are. :\

    The “move in” option should appear under the Friendly interactions but just like everything, you’ve got to work your way up to it. I think the tone has to be “friendly” before it will appear. I hope you can get it working for Leonor and Keenan!

    • raquelaroden says:

      Carla: I imagine Carlos would think that–he has the insane trait, so I can completely see him dreaming up a conspiracy theory involving Keenan influencing his mother to send him off. 🙂

      I hadn’t had a chance to play Rafael at the college site I made before they announced the university expansion, so I thought I’d scrap it and just use the expansion to send Sims to university. I can’t believe they don’t have the risk of students being bounced out for failing grades!

      I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the “move in” option. I could swear I’d checked both the friendly options and romance options, but sometimes I do miss options that were obviously showing before. 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. Mao says:

    Poor Rafael! Hopefully his second shot at University goes a bit better! And oh boy, I really hope Claudia doesn’t regret that big step they both just took.

    I considered trying to work out a way for college eligible YAs to wait for the Uni expansion, but I ended up just tossing it and will instead throw the next batch into the fire. I still haven’t messed with the EP at all, so they’ll be my first!

    I’m glad Leonor and Keenan are finding happiness in their relationship.

    • raquelaroden says:

      Mao: If Claudia does regret that step, it is all my fault, LOL. I’m hoping Rafael will do well in university, whenever I finally get around to installing it….

      I play so slowly that it wasn’t too much of problem to have my YAs wait–only Rafael will be affected, and I think I’ll be able to squeeze him in.

      Leonor does seem pretty happy–here’s hoping that this time I don’t foolishly throw her at another person or throw another person at her so that her relationship is wrecked.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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