Updates should arrive soon!

Hi my wonderful, patient readers!  I keep making announcements about various issues I have had with with my game over on my story blog, and I realized I should probably be making some of those announcements here! In any case, it’s kinda a good thing I didn’t, because I thought that one of my problems was going to cost me several months of gameplay progress, and it turns out it won’t!  So yay!  The delays in posting have come because I was insanely busy toward the end of the year, and then once I finally managed to carve out time to play, my game wouldn’t load! I only really fixed it yesterday, after thinking I’d fixed it several times before.

Now my biggest problem is that to make the seasons line up with the months (for a neighborhood located in North America), I’ll have to extend the length of the summer season, then once fall begins, I can set it back to 12 days per season.  That’s the easiest way I can see to do it, without finding a new mod that will let me change it (and after all my troubles, I am a bit resistant to using more mods).  SO, Plymouth Falls is going to experience more summer weather than usual (though any weather at all is unusual in itself!).

The impending release of a university expansion pack has also changed my plans for Plymouth Falls.  I have had to rethink the way I’d planned to handle some things, but ultimately I’m excited by the prospect of a university expansion, especially for the neighborhood young adults!

The main point of this is to assure you that I’m still alive, and to promise that I’ll start updating again, soon!