Round 3 ROS

I still think 3 Sim ROS per round and 1 Neighborhood ROS are enough for my current population.  Here are the ROS for Round 3:

Sim ROS:

Bad haircut. Go to the salon and choose a bad haircut (cut very short if long hair or choose ugly haircut if short hair).  Keep for d4 days then change back to normal.

Relative moves in.

Child/Teen: If grades are above a B-, Sim gets a bonus for a job well done: Add to funds d100X10.

Neighborhood ROS:

Flood damage! Shut down venue for repairs for 2 months.


Round 3 Play Schedule

Now that I have a university lot to play, we have six households instead of just five, which gives us two posts per round for each household!  For any births that I do not yet anticipate, I’ll be adding their birthday posts into the play schedule as needed. Here’s the order I’ll be playing the households in Round 3, unless something important happens and I need to switch around the order:

January 2013: Eckley Sawada

February 2013: Parra

March 2013: Austin

April 2013: Sawada Eckley

May 2013: Ribeiro

May 2013 Birthday Post: Carlos Ribeiro graduates

June 2013 Birthday Post: Carmen Parra becomes a toddler!

June 2013: Ribeiro 2

July 2013: Parra

August 2013: Ribeiro

September 2013: Sawada

October 2013 Birthday Post: Tanner Austin becomes a toddler!

October 2013: Ribeiro 2

November 2013: Austin

December 2013: Eckley

Round 2 Summary

Here’s the count at the end of Round 2 (I’m still not counting NPCs at this point….if I did, MAN would the pregnancies go up…I can’t believe how many were pregnant at the Parra wedding!):

Births: 2 (Carmen Parra, Tanner Austin)

Deaths: 0

Engagements: 1 (Lawanda Bullock and Juliano Parra)

Marriages: 1 (Lawanda and Juliano Parra)

Break-ups: 1 (Leonor Ribeiro and Guy Whose Name I Cannot Remember)

Graduations: 1 (Rafael Ribeiro)

New residents: 0

Total Population: 15

Babies: 2

Toddlers: 0

Children: 1

Teens: 2

Young Adults: 7

Adults: 1

Elders: 2

Round 2: December 2012

The Ribeiros: Leonor (36), Ana (29), Carlos (17)

Ana was feeling quite overwhelmed by her situation.  When she thought about it, she almost felt faint….or so it looked, to any outside observer.  Leonor told her to stop being so dramatic–she wasn’t the first single mother there had ever been, and she wasn’t likely to be the last. Continue reading

Round 2: November 2012

The Eckleys: Alan Eckley (78), Claudia (16), and David (10)

Claudia had always thought that learning to drive would usher in a new age of freedom, but it really didn’t change much except the means by which she went to school.  Still, she was happy to have learned. Continue reading