Round 1: April 2011

The Eckleys: Alan Eckley (77), David Eckley (8), Claudia Eckley (14)

Alan Eckley never expected to outlive his son and daughter-in-law, and he especially never expected to become the guardian of his two grandchildren.  The retirement community he’d lived in was fine when the children were younger, but he knew that it would grow stifling as they grew up (especially for the teenaged Claudia).  When he saw the advertisement for the Revitalize Plymouth Falls project on television, he thought that small-town living would be better than the environment of his retirement community.

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Round 1: March 2011

The Sawadas: Mizuto Sawada (42), Katie Sawada (32)

When Mizuto Sawada (“Zuto” to his friends and family) moved to Plymouth Falls from Shang Simla, he never expected to almost immediately fall in love and get married right away.  He’d been bored in his job as a cook at a small restaurant and he’d always dreamed of living in a completely different culture.  When he stumbled across the applications for the Revitalize Plymouth Falls Project, he saw an important opportunity to realize his dream.  His application was accepted, and he received his lump sum to move to Plymouth Falls, buy a house, and start looking for work.  He hadn’t been looking for Katie Rosas—but when he’d found her, he pursued her with the same single-minded fervor that had led him to Plymouth Falls. Continue reading